Home Care Services

Created and staffed by seasoned medical professionals, Hahn Home Health Care Inc. delivers a spectrum of services focused on providing genuine peace of mind to clients of all ages.

Fully licensed and certified, all our caregivers are Hahn Home Health Care Inc. employees —¬†not¬†contractors. They’re trained the right way so they know precisely what to do, how to do it, and when.

Here’s a description of our services:

Geriatric Care

No two seniors are quite alike. Many take great pride in their independence, and simply need occasional companions or someone to help with chores around home. Others need a higher degree of help.

Regardless of what the need is, Hahn Home Health Care Inc. provides people who can help make things easier. Our staff assists with bathing, dressing, feeding, transferring from bed to chair, and simply getting around.

Companions / Homemakers

People of all ages, coping with a spectrum of medical challenges, may need companions / homemakers to perform a number of tasks. Our caring, fully licensed companions / homemakers make productive contributions around the home, making life a lot easier and more comfortable.

They can help tidy up the house, wash clothes as needed, shop for food, make light meals, pick up prescriptions, read to the client, and play games such as checkers or cards to keep the client mentally stimulated.

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s — along with other forms of dementia — represent huge family challenges. We dealt with those challenges in our own family and they’re the reason we founded Hahn Home Health Care Inc..

Today, we’re totally prepared to help your family with the best possible Alzheimer’s care. We understand Alzheimer’s and are ready to help keep the patient safe. We attend to their daily needs, providing welcomed respite care for patients’ families.

Cardiac Care

Life changes after a heart attack — it’s not just diet and exercise that change, the way people live also changes as they alter course to prevent future problems. Our skilled caregivers assist with the preparation of cardiac medications, oversee doctor-ordered cardiac rehab exercises, and help teach patients about prescribed lifestyle and dietary changes.

Post-Surgical / Wound Care

We make recovery easier and far more bearable. We’ll teach the client how to use equipment to evacuate debris from the wound and to change dressings — all precisely according to the attending physician’s orders.

We understand, though, that some patients can’t do wound care themselves and may require daily or twice daily visits — and we can accommodate those needs. Our skilled nurses will visit to perform dressing changes, check equipment, and report any changes to the MD. Our surgical nurses are trained in state- of- the-art wound care.

Making things easier = a more stress-free recovery.

Diabetic Care

Our staff knows diabetes and knows the right way to care for those coping with this insidious disease.

We’ll teach proper foot care . . . insulin administration, whether by injection or other means . . . and diabetic dietary care. We’ll also watch for signs and symptoms of both insulin shock and ketoacidosis.

Intravenous Therapy

Our licensed professional caregivers administer antibiotics as ordered, either through a peripheral or a picc line. We also teach the patient and family about signs of infection at an IV site.

Medication Reminders / Med Setups

For the elderly — and sometimes for the rest of us, in stressful situations — overlooking needed medications just seems to happen sometimes. But it’s those medications that help us maintain our health.

To ensure that medications are taken according to doctors’ orders, we set up a medication box in your home for one month’s use — and we phone you to remind you when to take your medications.

Hospice Services

We provide dignified end- of- life care for terminally ill patients, in the best tradition of hospice.

Nursing follow-up visits

Periodically, nurses perform followup visits to all client homes, unannounced in advance to the caregiver. The visits check to ensure that the client is in proper health, and supervise caregivers to assure all company policies are being followed. There is no charge to the client for these followup visits. The frequency of these visits is proportional to the number of hours of service we provide per week.

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We bring peace-of-mind to home health care.