Experience Our Difference

Personal Registered Nurse Making a Home Visit

Every Client Has Their Own Personal Registered Nurse

Every client is assigned a seasoned, R.N., who has extensive experience working in a hospital, to manage their care. We will call this your Personal Nurse.

The Personal Nurse will accompany the Certified Home Health Aide to the home on the first visit, orienting them to the customized plan of care, to the client, the client’s family (if applicable), and the client’s home.

The Personal Nurse has a complete picture

  • After every shift, the Certified Home Health Aide communicates back to the Personal Nurse the details of the shift. This way the Personal Nurse has a complete picture of what is going on with their client.
  • After every 40 hours of billed service, the Personal Nurse will return to the client’s home to reassess the client to ensure their plan of care is being maintained. The nurse will tweak the customized plan of care if necessary. The Certified Home Health Aide does not know when the nurse will be showing up for their visits, so they never know when their direct supervisor will be knocking on the door, we use this as an important staff management tool.
  • The Personal Nurse is available to the Certified Home Health Aide at all times during their shift for any questions that may arise. The Personal Nurse is available to the client, and their family, 24 hours a day to address any concerns or questions that they may have.

We do not charge extra for the Personal Nurse service!

Our Employee Selection Process is Different.

  • All of our Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses are Hahn employees. This means they are working under our liability insurance, we are paying for workman’s compensation insurance for them, and we are paying the payroll taxes.
  • Edna The Skills Practice ManikinWe perform background checks on all employees. All employees have been drug screened. We use a professional facility with medical oversight to manage this process.
  • We only hire Certified Home Health Aides. Certification must be via the Red Cross or a similar agency like Catholic Charities.
  • All Certified Home Health Aides have taken and passed a written test, and a hands on evaluation of their skills in our testing lab, with our manikin (Edna).